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About Me

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My name is Eric and I love to wear bras and panties. First of all I am not gay and I am not a crossdresser and I would say most men who wear women's underwear are also not gay and do not crossdress. I wear panties almost all the time. I do not even feel comfortable in men's underwear any more. I wear a bra every chance I get but it is not enough. I wish I could wear one all the time everyday but we live a society that would not accept such behavior as normal.

Why do I wear a bra? I like the feel of satin and lace against my skin. I like the great variety of bras and how I can express myself with them. Some days I feel like lace and others prints of flowers, some days I want red and others black or white. I greatly prefer underwire bras over soft bras because of the support and thought of having cleavage makes me excited. And most of all it is something that most men are afraid of. Do you see many men in Victoria's Secret? Not unless they are dragged there by there wife or girl-friend. I like the thrill of buying bras and panties. It is so fun to just think about what is going through the sales clerk's mind. I want to scream out, "Yes, it is for me," but I am not that brave nor do I ask to try on a bra like some brave men are. I guess it has to do with being raised in a small town.

I first tried on a bra when I was 13 that I found in a chest of drawer my mother bought at a yard sale. It was a training bra I found behind the drawers probley lost for a long time. It was like love at first try on. I wore it every chance I got and it was miracle that I did not get caught. I quicky out grew it. I bought another as soon as I could but I always was afraid of some one finding it and would get rid of the bra after a few weeks. I even tried to quite and I did for the first few years of high school but by my senior year I was back wearing and my collection quickly grew. I wanted to quite so bad but every time I tried I always went back. The last time I tried was when I moved out on my own in a different state. I was with out but after a few months I needed one so bad. I know what druggies are like now when they try to quite. Finally I gave in an accepted the fact that I need bras and panties. I know have over 20 bras and I still love the thrill the of buying them. I have no plans to every quite again.

Have I ever been caught? Not yet but I do leave my bras laying around and it is a miracle that my roomate does not know. Does any one else know about my bra and panties? No not yet. I want to tell but I am afraid of what my friend and family would say and think about me. I guess one way of looking at it that I am still the same person they have always known.